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There were too many bots on AZs

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I never said the def bonus matters. As you can see OSRS GP in my other threads, I prefer str to def anyday or week. It is also impossible to sell the torso back, which means this is a minor issue. I'm confident that «average» money maker is far less than one million dollars per hour. There are actually only a handful of methods to make that much.

There were too many bots on AZs that I could barely make 50k/hr there. The majority of slayer jobs offer the equivalent of 80k+ per hour. I don't know of any single slayer task that offers 80k xp/hr. Click at the perfect moment on AZS and you'll not encounter any issues. There's no reason to not use bots to kill each other.

I am 100k exp from 99 woodcutting, and was just going to get an Saradomin sword. However, I thought I'd consider starting a topic on here and see how everyone's views are regarding whether I should invest in the ss, or a BGS. This means that they are priced in the same range right now. I own a whip and dragon defender for now but I'm not able to train to build strength using them. I prefer 2h weapons anyways. And I hit pretty much the same with an ss, as I do with the whip.

It means I am at my 99th woodcutting and I'm bored of buy rs3 gold doing, so I am probably going to play some pvp-related mini-games. For example, clan wars. Also, I could do some sort of quest or money-making, and also some training every once and a while. I have never really «grinded» and just did whatever I wanted to. This is why I am insane by cutting wood for months on end. There's nothing better than grinding than to finish each other.

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